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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY Kitsch

Hullo my lovely Quirkers!

The masters thought “enough of going out to search for quirk…lets help our Mumbo Jojos make their own QUIRK!”

So we have our QUINK of the day dedicated to ‘Do it yourself’ Quirk!

1.         Get a printout of a poster of any classic film of your choice. Either just frame it and put it up in your room or dip it in a tub with tea/water mix. Let it dry in the sun or try microwaving. The result …a yellowed vintage poster!

2.         Take pictures of the landmarks of the city or even everyday objects like cycles or kettles. Photoshop them by changing colour levels, replacing colours to give them a pop art feel or make them look like LOMOGRAPHIC pictures.

3.         Well, if you are really bored to make your own stuff we have help! Ever wondered what to do with the plain old pair of canvas shoes which you are sick of wearing? Ever thought you could come up with great one liners but don’t know how to put them on tees?

Quirk and the City is proud to present ‘Joota Japani’ for all your creative handicaps!

Run by Dhara Vora, ‘Joota Japani’ specializes in customizing your shoes, bags, tees or anything else that can be painted.  Vora  handpaints everything and it is washable!

“I used to paint random stuff on my shoes and tees…people started liking it and that’s how it all started. Most of the orders I get are for gifting purposes. Everyone likes getting personalized stuff like tees with a line you say a lot or your favourite cartoon on it…looks like you have put in some thought before gifting! Also everyone wears Allstars so if your pair has a dash of colour on it you stand out,” says Vora.

So, the next time you wonder what would put a smile on your friend’s face on his/her birthday or you feel Pink Floyd pillow covers would totally kitsch up your room, you know whom to contact! Check out Joota Japani's Facebook page

This is just the first installment…we’ll have more of such make your own quirk pieces QUINKS for you.

Till then QUIRK up!
 -Master Dhoro Zoro and Master Gayu Panda


  1. nice one..especially joota japani :D

  2. with joota hai japani ...add sir pe lal topi rusi ...moscowites would simply love this ...

  3. Hehehe..I'm sure she'll love international orders :)