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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet the Black horse and the Cherry tree

Namaste dear Mumbo Jojos!

It is the time of the year when the quirk levels of the city go way up! It’s time to don your artsy hat… it’s time for ‘The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’! Started in 1999, the festival goes on for nine days every year ( 5-13 February this year).

Ambey-se darr
An installation showing the past and the present means of transport

The entrance to Rampart Row(an interactive installation)

 The Festival is organized by the Kala Ghoda Association (a non-profit organization). The events comprise of installations or visual arts, dance and music performances, theatre, cinema, literature, seminars and workshops, heritage walks, special events for children and stalls selling thousands of products ranging from paintings to chocolates.

I'll poke you

I visited the place on a Sunday and God, it was crowded! The entire city seemed to have gathered to witness little bursts of art from every possible corner of the Kala Ghoda precinct; be it tree trunks pavements or a makeshift stage. The installations this year included scrap metal sculptures by Ilyas Ahmed, ‘I’ll poke you’ by Meghna Loke, ‘post boxes’ by Vivek Sonawane, a satirical installation called ‘Ambey se Darr’ by Hetal Shukla and many more. The entrance of the festival area (Rampart Row) was marked by an interactive archway installation by Puneet Bhatnagar called Mumbai for creativity where any could put up a painting or anything made by themselves. Another 3D multimedia exhibit by Samar Jodha throws light on the Bhopal gas tragedy. It is a walk through metal container with 3D photographs accompanied by sounds of crickets, gas leak and finally choking. Other than the installations there are workshops, dance performances, music gigs every day. And they are all free to attend! Do make it a point to visit the stalls. Though a bit heavy on the pocket; we guarantee you truly unique finds.

Scrap metal installation by Ilyas Ahmed

It was really heart-warming to find people belonging to different age and economic groups all come together and celebrate art and the city.

So go ahead get a shot of QUIRK at the Kala Ghoda Arts festival!

Till next time QUIRK it up!

-Master Dhoro Zoro

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