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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Capoeira Anyone ??

Time for the third QUINK folks.

It's finally my turn, Master Gayu Panda’s, to fill you in on some more about the quirky city of Mumbay. I hope that you’ve tried out the Fish Foot Spa! Now that your feet are all pampered, it's time for them to get down to some serious kicking because today, we have martial arts for you! Now, some of you might wonder what is new or quirky about martial arts. Many of you might actually even know the art. But have you tried Capoeira? Capoeira isn’t just martial art. It is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, music, and dance. Woah !! Imagine all that packed into one art form and you’ve got enough reason to try it out.

Capoeira techniques involve kicks, sweeps, strikes and body throws, along with deadly flips. Phew! Just the thought of it makes you feel fit. That would be one rigorous workout. 

More than a martial art or dance, capoeira is often considered a way of life by those who practice it. 'Cordao De Ouro India' is the first and only Capoeira Group in India started by Reza Massah (whose Capoeira nickname is Monitor Baba!). If you want to check out this quirky martial art before you sign up for the classes, Cordao De Ouro performs live every Sunday at the Carter Road Amphitheatre in Bandra.

Capoeira Mumbai Street Parade

And after you’ve seen the show, you’re sure going to want to kick some dirt. So put on your track pants and head out to the Capoeira class. Sweat it out pals; because you’re never going to get a better chance to combine martial arts, sport, music and dance all into one art form. And you never know, before long you’d have your own Batizado ceremony (baptism in the art of Capoeira!!) and you’ll have your own Capoeira nickname! Now that’s definitely quirky!!

Capoeira classes are held at:
Juhu Gymkhana

SS Sahani School18th Road, Khar (W) Mumbai

Or for further details simply log on to:

Until next time, don’t forget to Quirk Up!!
-Master Gayu Panda


  1. Brilliant..
    I would love to join it...

  2. That's SO interesting! I had no clue that there was Capoeira in Mumbai/India. I've seen it abroad before and was interested it. Now I actually get to check it out!

    GREAT! :D

  3. I played Capoeira at Grand Valley State University and Allendale, MI!! I met my best friend in that class!! It is brilliant and beautiful at the same time. I even got a name, Sauva, which means fire ant.. bc I thought one of the instructors was cute and he called me out on it and I blushed so bad! Greatest memories of my life!!