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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The blockbuster 'Deewar'

Hullo Mumbo Jojos!

Time to get the hidden artsy nerd in you out! Like we promised, we would get something novel for you to do in the city of Mumbay everyday; today’s to do fun would also end up making the city itself quirkier!

Put on some sun screen and get ready for your day with brushes, paints, ideas and QUIRK with (drumroll) ‘TheWall Project’!

The wall project was first started in Mumbay by some Mumbo Jojos who wanted to add colour to the boring grey walls of the city. After certain permissions in hand, these guys literally got art to the streets. 

They first started on Chapel Road in Bandra and later moved on to the Tulsi pipe road from Mahim station all the way upto Phoenix mills. This project was known as the ‘Great Wall of Mumbai’ where everyone from street kids to international graffiti artists turned up. The result-tobacco stained walls transformed into artistic graffiti laden walls worth featuring in hip-hop videos. 

The themes vary from Bruce Lee to global warming. The main idea is to beautify barren walls such that passers by who have no time to look at themselves in the mirror would take a minute, stop and notice the change. Also, it serves as a portfolio for artists who have been known to get job offers based on their work on the walls. These murals also aid Graffiti tourism!

Many walls along the Tulsi pipe road are yet to be painted; for which the permission has already been granted by the B.M.C. Join their community on Facebook and you’ll receive their notifications about any project happening around in which you can help out.

The main agenda is beautification, expression of one’s ideas through art, social responsibility, mutual understanding or the simple idea to do something novel.

I am a part of this project too..In fact these pics are from my first time with the project...

So go ahead…paint the town red, green, yellow or any other colour your mind orders you to!

This is Master Dhoro Zoro paintin…errrr signing off!
Til then Quirk up!
Check out 'The Wall Project' on Facebook:

Induction of new core members: 4th February, 2011

Next painting project: 6th February, 2011 at Andheri


  1. This is a very nice concept...keep posting such stuff!

  2. Thank you Yathish...maybe you should try this out..just visit their Facebook page..

  3. I have seen these walls...
    some of them are really good...

    Its good you are publicising about these things...

    keep it up!!

  4. just went past Tulsi Pipe road a couple of days back..I really there are more such initiatives across Mumbai
    Keep blogging!

  5. Excellent idea! Making India more colourful than it already is. Keep up the good work!Keep blogging!