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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tonight's gonna be a good night

Howdy Mumbo Jojos,

One of the reasons we love our city so much is because of its night life, right? The vibe and the energy are so addictive! But aren’t there times you wish the night life experience had more to offer? I bet there are many nights when you’re in the mood to let you hair down and do something different but are bored of the same scene. That’s why I feel as if we, the quirk masters, and the guys behind The Bombay Elektrik Project are brothers from another mother (except that we are girls :D)

The Bombay Elektrik Project (BEP) is a company which provides alternative nightlife entertainment solutions. I love that word alternative. It signifies everything BEP is. It’s an alternative to and freedom from the run-of-the-mill night life options in the city. It’s unique, edgy and entertaining as hell!

So you have Monday Night Poetry Slam, where amateur poets present their work to be judged to win cash and bragging rights for the month, Monday Shorts, a short films screening event showcasing everything from world cinema to queer cinema, open mic nights for budding musicians and amateur stand-up comics (called Unplugd and Krack U Up respectively), beer pong (yes, we finally have your attention, don’t we?) and live gigs by bands from India(such as Shaair and Func, MIDIval Punditz) and all over the world in genres like reggae, electronica, indie, jazz, African music and other such exotic stuff!

What’s amazing about BEP is not only that they organize these events but also that they are serious about providing a platform for talent, be it music, poetry or comedy. They work at the grass root level, organizing workshops in music, film, poetry and art.

Their events are held all over the city but particularly at Café Goa Bistro and Grill, Bandra and Wink at the Taj President, Cuffe Parade.

Some of their upcoming events are

Monday Night Slam on February 7th at Café Goa- This time BEP is going to hold the event according to official poetry slam format as they want to prepare their poets for the International Arena for Spoken Word. So, the poets will be judged by random audience members!

Mingle-A pub Quiz with a difference on February 16th at Café Goa: It’s more than a quiz. It’s an opportunity to meet new people who have the same interest as you-quizzing! Everyone will be assigned a table when they come in and the winning table at the end of the night will have their tab picked up by the venue.

Beer Pong- Happening very soon...

I feel like BEP has a cosmic connection with us party-maniacs in the city because they’ve read our minds so perfectly! All hail the great BEP!

Well, it’s time for me to wrap up here to go and unearth some other quirk treasures..

Until then, remember to QUIRK UP!
-Master Blincca

Check out The Bombay Elektrik Project on Facebook

Café Goa- Agnelo Building, Khadeshwari Mandir Marg, Off St. John Baptist Road, Bandra (W),Mumbai

Wink- Taj President Hotel, G D Somani Rd, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai


  1. Great..!!
    I would surely wana go for Reggae nights..and the beer pot ofcourse...

    I am happy that you guys started this blog just before I am visiting India...

    I already have a few evenings planned...thanks to you guys...


  2. very nice...btw where does this short film thing happen??

  3. @yathish- As mentioned, it happens at Cafe Goa, Bandra
    @anon- Thank you...we're glad we could help you out

  4. The short film thingi sounds interesting....

    I would go for it...


  5. Hey's on Monday's..jst join their FB page..they'll put u on their mailing list

  6. Great work!

    I am happy finally India is picking up...

    good work guys..


  7. Love your writing style. :)

  8. Thank you Aditi and Diven :)
    And yes Diven, it is

  9. unique idea... gud1... will check it out :)