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Monday, February 14, 2011

Offbeat Valentine's Day Plans

Howdy Mumbo Jojos,

It’s that time of the year again and panic is in the air. The candy, flowers and candle-lit dinner bit is too clichéd and if you give your girlfriend another pink teddy, she’ll probably throw it at your head. So you’re thinking, “How can I make Valentine’s Day quirky this year?” Well, we’ll tell you how!

If you’re a couple

1)       Make a video- So we’ve all done the scrap book, the frame and bought those do-it-yourself kits which turned out to be SUCH a disaster! This time keep it simple and keep it real. Make a video, recount your story and tell them how you feel or maybe do your own rendition of their favourite song. Make sure to dress up in all your finery!

2)     Take up an adventurous activity together- Always dreamt of going river rafting but haven’t had the time? Wanted to paraglide but were too chicken? Go away for the weekend and do it together! Helps beat the fear and will give you a fantastic experience as a couple.

3)     Give up something your partner always nags you for- Nobody’s perfect. There’s got to be a habit of yours that your partner detests. All you have to do is buy some fancy paper from your local gift store, write a letter promising to give it up, tie it up with a nice ribbon and you’re done. Of course, the hard part is ACTUALLY giving it up!

4)     Relive your first date- Whether it was at the tea-stall opposite college or at a fancy restaurant, everyone remembers their first date vividly. And nothing can be more romantic than recreating the magic. It shows that you value the little things and are still as much in love as you were then.

5)     Stay in bed all day and watch your favourite movies back to back-Just turn off your cell phones, order in, cuddle up and ‘veg’ out in front of the TV.

If you’re single

Valentine’s Day is the day of Love and we believe in the ‘Love thyself’ philosophy. So if you’re young, alive and fabulous albeit single, that’s reason enough to celebrate!

1)       Arrange a speed dating session at home- Invite your single friends and ask each one to get another single friend along.Set up a few pairs of chairs facing each other. The girls will remain seated and the guys will keep moving over to the next chair every three minutes signalled by the buzzer. If cupid strikes, they exchange phone numbers. If not, the guy simply slides into the next seat.

2)     Have a hate bonfire- Still trying to get over that nasty break-up? Start fuming at the mere sight of things they left behind? Gather them, call your friends over and have a collective hate bonfire of your ex’s things a la Friends! It’s considered to be purgatory and is the perfect release for all that pent up emotion. Just be sure to do it outdoors! Combine it with a sleepover with gal pals watching romcoms all night (stock up on candy, popcorn and tissues-you’ll need them!) or call your buddies over to watch football and drown your sorrows in beer.

3)     Make it a horror movie night- Bored stiff of the same old sappy movies on TV that day? Try something different. Rent a few horror classics, call some friends, lock all doors and windows and when you’re sure that it’s safe, press the play button! Warning-Not for the faint hearted!  

4)     Go out with family- Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and appreciation for people who matter. None better than family, right? Take them to dinner, ask them about their day and I guarantee, they’ll treasure it more than anyone else.

So until next time, remember to QUIRK UP!

-Master Blincca

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