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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BUS kya?

Howdy Mumbo Jojos,

We thought it’s time to have some REAL fun! It involves you, your friends and a BEST bus. Confused? Don’t be.  Surely you’ve heard of the phrase ‘partying Mumbaiya ishtyle’ :D

Bus? Party? Am I reading right, you say? Yes, because today’s quirk of the day is: party atop a bus!

Did you know that the Brinhanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (yes, that’s the full form of BEST, guys...don’t gasp) rents out open decker buses by the kilometre? It’s pretty cool if you ask me and no, it’s not just for kiddie birthday parties, you cynical been-there-heard-it-but-didn’t-try-it ers.

Just imagine calling your friends and telling them that you’re giving a party on a BEST bus! They might think that you’re either totally mental or totally bored. But they’ll DEFINITELY think you’re cool and quirky! Positives :D

Still not convinced? I saw that coming! So, here’s a list of pros

1)       You can eat, drink and make merry while enjoying the sights of the city which let’s face it, we hardly do. I suggest the Marine Drive stretch all the way to NCPA.

2)     Picture this: You’re air guitaring to Slash with the wind in your hair and the Arabian Sea in the background. Legendary!

3)     It’s something to tell your grandkids about. “Kids, I remember that time when I partied till I dropped atop a BEST bus”... sounds cool, doesn’t it? They’ll think so too.

4)     It’ll be unlike any party you’ve ever had.

Well, all I’m saying is that maybe the bus driver will frown upon all the merry-making ( but pleas of “Sorry Kaka” will take care of that :D) and the traffic might play devil (book it on a weekend and off peak hours), it’ll be an experience WORTH having, even if it’s bad (refer point no. 3)

An open decker bus on any day of the week or even a holiday will cost you Rs. 75 per km with a minimum charge of Rs. 3000.  The bus seats 79 people. You can hire per hour, half day or full day for a one-way or return journey. The day begins at 00.00 hrs and ends at 24.00 hrs. You can also hire a single-decker, a double-decker or an AC bus.

That’s all for this QUINK folks...I hope I’ll see many more of you floating by, yelling and screaming from atop BEST buses :D

Until next time, remember to QUIRK up!

For more information, check out:

-Master Blincca


  1. Hehe damn cool idea.. So now we know where you'll be treating us for your birthday ;D

  2. Thanks :D
    But my birthday's already gone...maybe you can do this on yours :)

  3. Omg. That's just BRILLIANT!