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Saturday, February 5, 2011

When art and luxury collide

Howdy Mumbo Jojos,

What do you get when you combine philosophy, art, luxury and hospitality? The most unique hotel in India, that’s what! And it’s not just us who are saying that. The people behind IHEA (Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards) think so too. Presenting Le Sutra, the world’s first Indian Art Hotel. And it’s in OUR city!

Le Sutra is a 16-room boutique hotel in Bandra where each room, wall and art installation depicts an aspect of the Indian philosophy and ethos. Sutra means thread in Sanskrit signifying that which binds everything together.

The three levels of the Hotel represent the Gunas which sum up the world view in Indian philosophy namely Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. These are the attributes which make up a man; his thoughts and emotions. The rooms are an extension of the Gunas and represent their various faces. Each room is either based on a character or a philosophy.

Tamas  is related to excessiveness and represents that part which craves indulgence and gratification. The rooms on this floor are thus extravagant and colourful. On the Tamas floor you’ll find  Ravana (the Ramayana villan), Maya(Illusion) and Vaasna(Sensuality).


Rajas is the desire to acquire something that one does not have and hence leads to activity. Thus the rooms are stylish and vibrant. Rajas has Dyuutya (Gambling), Kathak(Story Teller, also the art form), Sringar(Adornment) and Karna (in many ways, the hero of Mahabharata).


Sattva means balance, order or purity and represents that part of the being which is calm and controlled and seeks higher level of attainment. Thus the rooms are minimalistic and aesthetic. It’s rooms are Prakriti (Nature), Shuddhi (Purification), Nirvan (Nirvana) and Mandal (Shree Yantra).


The decor of each room is kept true to its name with Ravana  having a chair complete with horns and a sceptre whereas Vaasna  has miniature Khajurao  paintings and a Yoni lamp. Kathak  has a Sarangi  chair and art installations of ‘The Dancing feet’, ‘Peti’ and ‘Dholak’ and Nirvana has a chair inspired by the Sanchi Stupa  and Khadau, a symbol of control.



The Hotel boasts of a gallery Gallery leSutra which hosts art exhibitions, book readings, supper theatre and elite events regularly and also has a day spa called Angdai. What’s more is that it has Out of the Blue and Olive Bar and Kitchen for dining options!

It's been designed by 18-25 designers, artists, philosophers, curators and visualizers in the country and is a perfect representation of Indian art and philosophy in a contemporary form.

A room here would cost you around Rs.12, 000 a night. I know it’s a little steep but there is no price to pay for luxury, is there? :D

Personally, I am SO tempted to just take a vacation and spend a weekend in Le Sutra! Aaah...I’m in dream land already!

So until next time, remember to QUIRK UP!

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-Master Blincca


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